Front Cover of The Baseball Haggadah by Rabbi Sharon Forman, illustrated by Lisa Teitelbaum
In describing why she created The Baseball Haggadah, Rabbi Sharon Forman wrote:

"Last Passover my ten year-old son asked me if we could find him a Haggadah with a baseball theme.  We searched all over, and to our surprise, with all of the chocolate, environmental, and even animated versions of the Haggadah available, no one had published a creative, sports themed accompaniment to the Passover seder. As a Reform rabbi who used to run the religious school at Manhattan’s Temple Shaaray Tefila for seven years, and a mom of dedicated little leaguers, I promised my son that I would write one myself. After all, baseball and Passover both involve stories of wandering, of confronting challenges as we venture out from safety, and of finally coming home.  On Passover, we celebrate God’s 'mighty hand and outstretched arm.' Baseball also celebrates the ability of a good arm to take a team home."

While there is not another baseball themed Haggadah available, Rabbi Forman is not the first to “catch” the connection between America's pastime and that ancient rite of spring, the Festival of Passover.  Numerous anecdotes and analogies "pepper" the internet in blogs and articles.  They note, among other things, the time of year in which both Pesach and baseball occur, memories of eating matzah at the ball field, and a delving into of rituals surrounding both.  Often creative and sometimes heartfelt, below is just a sampling of what is out there.

On the origins of baseball and an analogy to Pesach:

On Baseball in General, and Pesach in Particular

by DovBear

On "coming home" in baseball and for Passover:

Pesach and Baseball by Rabbi Rob Dobrusin

On baseball and Passover ritual similarities:

Baseball, Passover, and The Beauty Of Spring by Tony Rebuck

More on baseball and Passover similarities and connections:

Finding similarities in Pesach and baseball by Rabbi Jon Haddon

A play by play account of the Exodus story:

Baseball and the Haggadah by Samser

A story of brothers and baseball told with a Passover flare:

A different twist, a country western song:

The Ninth Man - A Country and Western Passover/Baseball Story/Song

On baseball and religion in general - John Sexton, former President of NYU, taught a course dedicated to the subject and has written a book entitled, “Baseball as a Road to God: Seeing beyond the Game” (Gotham Books, 2013).  The link shows a portion of an episode from Religion and Ethics Newsweekly on PBS and includes a look at John Sexton's course and an excerpt from his book:

Baseball and Religion

The Baseball Haggadah: A Festival of Freedom and Springtime in 15 Innings
Forman, Sharon G and Teitelbaum, Lisa J and Daniels, Ryan and Jon

​ISBN: 978-0-692-3551-0
Religion/Jewish Holidays
Paper, $11.99
56 pages
​Publication date February 12,2015